Month: April 2016

Black and White Brownies

Chewy, fudgy brownies that combines the best of both worlds! Dark chocolate and white chocolate all in one bite.

 black-and-white-brownies (4)   

BROWNIES!!! And not just any type of brownie, these are black and white brownies! A delicious combination of dark chocolate brownies and white chocolate brownies.

black-and-white-brownies (6)

You might be thinking, white chocolate brownies? Yes, white chocolate brownies. They exist, but they’re not too common, although I think they should be.

Funny thing is, I used to not like white chocolate. I was a dark chocolate kind of person. However, after trying these brownies, I think I’ve kindled my love for white chocolate.

black-and-white-brownies (5)


Strawberry Lemonade Lofthouse Sugar Cookies {Vegan!}

Soft, puffy cookies with a thick layer of tart strawberry lemonade frosting reminiscent of a classic grocery store cookie. Plus, they’re vegan! suitable for all those dairy and egg allergies in your life.

 vegan-pink-lemonade-lofthouse-cookies (3)   

COOKIES! My vegan and non vegan friends alike enjoyed these. They are soft and cakey with real strawberry and lemon in the frosting. Unlike the actual Lofthouse sugar cookies, these are not tooth-achingly sweet, which means you can eat more.


I used to hate those Lofthouse sugar cookies. They were always way too sweet and had way too much frosting. I would try to just eat the cookie, then make a mess with the frosting I didn’t want.

I don’t know why but years later, I found myself missing those sugary cookies. However, instead of going to buy some, I was inspired to make my own version of them.  

vegan-pink-lemonade-lofthouse-cookies (2)

I knew from the start that I wanted to make them vegan, so that all my friends could enjoy them. However, there were a couple of substitutions I had to make (I’m considering making a vegan baking guide!)


Cookie Butter Crinkle Cookies

Soft, crinkly cookies with powdered sugar and cookie butter. These are melt in your mouth cookies with spiced cookie flavor!

 biscoff-crinkle-cookies (5)   

These cookies are SO soft, SO melt-in-your-mouth, SO perfectly flavored with cookie butter, and SO easy to make, great for any occasion! 

biscoff-crinkle-cookies (4)


You know those chocolate crinkle cookies that are popular around Christmas time? The ones with the beautiful crinkly surface, soft texture, and beautiful coating of powdered sugar? These biscoff crinkle cookies are just like those, only with cookie butter instead of chocolate, and a little bit of cream cheese added to the dough to make them super super soft.


The cookies are just a but crispy on the outside and oh so soft on the inside. And along with the other 15 times I said it, these cookies are SOFT. Normally I like chewy cookies, but these cookies are just so tender in their own way that I can’t help but love them as well. Plus, unlike most cookie butter baked goods I’ve tried, you can actually TASTE the cookie butter in them!


Lemon White Chocolate Cake

An elegant lemon cake that’s sure to impress your guests yet actually very simply to make!


This is a lemon white chocolate cake you can make for any occasion. It yields a lot, so it’s perfect for parties!

The lemon cake is a mixture of textures and flavors. There’s crunchy, spongy, smooth, silky, sweet, and sour all in one bite.

lemon-white-chocolate-cake (5)

This cake is comprised of several layers. Five, to be exact. But don’t worry! Each of the components are very easy to make and you can even make all of them ahead of time, leaving a separate day to put all the pieces together.