Month: May 2016

Chewy Cinnamon Caramels

Perfect, chewy caramels that we all know and love with a twist of added cinnamon for spice and warmth.

chewy-cinnamon-caramels (2)   

My mom loves caramels. They’re one of her favorite desserts. I can see why, as they’re chewy, soft, and have a complex flavor of burnt sugar.

chewy-cinnamon-caramels (4)

I love classic chewy caramels. I’ve made them several times and wanted to change things up. I was searching for ways to mix up a recipe for caramels, and I stumbled upon one that used cinnamon oil. I loved the idea! The complexity of caramel and the warmth of cinnamon seemed like a perfect combination.


Banana Walnut Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chewy cookies that taste like banana bread, with walnuts and chocolate in every bite!

   banana-walnut-chocolate-chip-cookies (5) 

I love banana bread. I love chewy cookies. I wanted to combine them into one.


If you’ve seen last week’s post, then I can tell you that the inspiration for these cookies comes from there. One of my favorite flavors from Sugar Mama Desserts is there banana walnut chocolate. It’s a roasted banana ice cream with walnuts and chocolate chips dropped in. It tastes like banana bread in ice cream form, so I wanted to make a banana bread in cookie form.

banana-walnut-chocolate-chip-cookies (2)


Sugar Mama Dessserts

Sunnyvale Farmer’s Market

crossroads at W Washington Avenue and S Murphy Avenue

Sunnyvale, CA, 94086

Welcome to Sugar Mama Desserts

Sugar Mama Desserts gave me ice cream to make this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

Sugar Mama Desserts is an ice cream stand at the Sunnyvale Farmer’s Market (every Saturday) serving up homestyle ice cream. They are also at the Cambrian Park Farmer’s Market for part of the year. 


Sugar Mama Desserts has over 50 different flavors, but they only bring 4-6 at a time. Each week, there are different flavors. Some are classic, such as fresh strawberry or vanilla bean, while others are more fun and unique, such as saffron rosewater pistachio, roasted banana walnut chocolate chip, or honey lavender blueberry. All her ice creams are egg free and she has dairy free sorbets as well as a warm dairy free tapioca pudding during the winter months.

sugar-mama-desserts (2)

sugar-mama-desserts (6)


Chai Snickerdoodle Blondies

Soft blondies spiced with the flavors of chai black tea and an extra boost of cinnamon. Warming flavors with an extra crackly layer of cinnamon sugar on top.

chai-snickerdoodle-blondies (4)

Blondies! I love blondies so much. They are basically like cookie dough baked into bars. All the texture of cookies without the trouble of chilling and rolling into balls. 


These blondies are spiced with chai tea and extra cinnamon. The combination of ginger, cardamom, black pepper, and cinnamon make these blondies irresistible. A layer of cinnamon and sugar is also sprinkled on top before they go in the oven, so it bakes up like a crackly thin layer, making these chai snickerdoodle blondies a combination of crispy and soft.

chai-snickerdoodle-blondies (5)


Actual Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Instead of bits of cookie dough dropped in vanilla ice cream, I’ve given you actual cookie dough ice cream. It’s just cookie dough that’s been turned into ice cream form!

actual-cookie-dough-ice-cream (4)

I love cookie dough. I love cookie dough ice cream. Who can’t resist taking off chunks of cookie dough while they’re baking cookies? It’s sweet, you can feel the sugar granules, the texture is doughy, and it has a taste you can’t get after the cookie is baked.

 actual-cookie-dough-ice-cream (3)     

I just might like cookie dough more than actual cookies. 

actual-cookie-dough-ice-cream (6)

I was never truly pleased with what people call cookie dough ice cream. It’s just vanilla ice cream with bits of cookie dough dropped in it. I wanted an ACTUAL cookie dough ice cream, one that was basically like eating a frozen creamy form of cookie dough. So, I decided to make my own.

actual-cookie-dough-ice-cream (7)