Month: June 2016

Cinnamon Roll Muffins {Vegan Option}

Not-too-sweet muffins with a few simple swirls of cinnamon throughout. Just like a warm comforting cinnamon roll in muffin form!


Aren’t these muffins adorable? They look like exactly like a cinnamon roll transformed into a muffin. Instead of waiting for a yeast dough to proof and rise, these quickbread muffins are quick and no fuss, which means you get to eat them sooner!


I have to admit, I’m not the first person to think of these. I saw pictures online and decided I had to make them and also put my own spin on them. These muffins can very easily be made vegan. You can also add a cream cheese frosting, but I decided to opt out and keep them vegan.


Instead of just having a little swirl of cinnamon on top, I decided to add one in the middle so it would be more like eating an actual cinnamon roll. I also altered the recipe a little bit to make these more suitable as a grab and go breakfast or snack. They’re fluffy, cinnamon-y, and not too sweet. Since they’re in the wrapper, these muffins are also super portable!


Vegan Cream Cheese Taste Testing

Today’s post is a little different. Instead of a recipe, I’m going to be testing different brands of vegan cream cheese.

 vegan-cream-cheese-tasting-daiya  vegan-cream-cheese-tasting-go-veggie    vegan-cream-cheese-tasting-kite-hill  vegan-cream-cheese-tasting-tofutti

Cream cheese is amazing. I love it SO much. It can be used for cheesecake, frosting, muffins, anything really. But it can’t be used for vegans. There are some recipes out there for vegan cheesecakes using cashews, but I have to say that they don’t have the true creaminess and tang that I love about cream cheese. I wanted to conduct a taste test to see which brand of vegan cream cheese was the best.


A little disclaimer: I purchased all of these cream cheeses with my own money. All opinions are my own.


I bought loads of vegan cream cheese, and got to work. I’m not vegan, but I called up a friend who is so we could have different perspectives on this. We tried to cream cheese by itself, and on toast. We rated it in terms of look, smell, taste, and texture.


Vietnamese Coffee Cupcakes

Fluffy coffee cupcakes with a condensed milk frosting, built to match the components of a Vietnamese coffee.

 vietnamese-coffee-cupcakes (3)    

Vietnamese coffee is one of my favorite coffees ever. The coffee itself is quite strong and bitter, so they use condensed milk to act as the cream and sugar, and it is SO GOOD. Especially, on a hot summer day, Vietnamese coffee is the perfect drink.

vietnamese-coffee-cupcakes (2)

I wanted to recreate cupcakes that captured Vietnamese Coffee. These cupcakes have a strong coffee flavor, and the frosting isn’t too sweet, is creamy, and easy to pipe.

vietnamese-coffee-cupcakes (5)