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Hello Kitty Cafe Truck


The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck has been making its way up and down California, in preparation for the opening of a Hello Kitty Cafe location in the US.



Being the avid Hello Kitty fan I am, I tracked the truck along California until it made its way to the Bay Area. The first time they came around, in April, I actually got the dates mixed up and missed it. So I made sure to be able to come to this one.



The Sea by Alexander’s Steakhouse

4269 El Camino Real

Palo Alto, CA, 94306


I have recently had the fortune of dining at The Sea by Alexander’s Steakhouse when several of my relatives came to visit. They all love either seafood or steak, so this was the perfect spot.


I’ve been to Alexander’s Steakhouse in Cupertino before. They also have┬álocations in Pasadena, San Francisco, and Taipei, as well as a Patisserie in downtown Mountain View. They were given a Michelin Star a few years in a row but I’ve heard that this year they didn’t earn one.


I’ve also been to The Sea before. This restaurant has no Michelin Stars to show off, however I’m not the biggest fan of steak so I personally prefer this one.


Serious Pie

Various locations



Before I went to Seattle, I asked a friend for recommendations of places to go and where to eat. She highly recommended to me Serious Pie, one of Tom Douglas’s many restaurants. It has three locations, and I went to the Virginia one.


I went for lunch with another friend. Service was on the slower side even though the place was not very full. We were seated at these high, thick wooden tables. There was a large window to the kitchen where you could see chefs making pizza dough. There were several racks of resting pizza dough, it looked incredible.