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Healthy Fig Blondies

Moist, delicious healthy fig blondies that are naturally sweetened with dried fruit and made with whole wheat flour. 

healthy-fig-blondies (2)   

When asked me to make a post advocating healthy eating, and I gladly obliged. I realize that with all the recipes you see on this blog, this post is an anomaly. However, I am all about eating healthy. I mean, while I do love brownies and cookies, I love my broccoli and kale as well. But some people don’t love their kale so much. That’s why I made these!

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These fig blondies are made with whole wheat flour and have zero refined sugar. All the sweetness comes naturally from a dried fig puree. I also swapped out typical butter for a combination of coconut oil and almond butter! However, these blondies do not sacrifice any taste. They are still dense, moist, and delicious. Another perk is that they’re made in your food processor! No bowls to dirty, just dump everything in and process. I haven’t tried them in a blender, though I’m sure it will work as well.


Goat Cheese Cheesecake Brownies

Chocolaty brownies with a rich and tangy cheesecake topping made using goat cheese! An interesting twist on a well known favorite. 

goat-cheesecake-brownies (2)

It’s funny, last week I was talking about healthy granola and now I give you this decadent recipe. But it’s SO worth it.


These brownies are basically a brownie bottom cheesecake, or a cheesecake brownie. Not too special (besides the fact that they’re delicious), except this version has the addition of goat cheese.

Goat cheese adds a wonderful depth to the cheesecake layer to these brownies. I promise they don’t taste weird. Even if you don’t like goat cheese, you should give it a try. Both goat cheese and non-goat cheese lovers enjoyed these brownies.


Pear Fig Crumble Bars


Another fruit recipe. As you can tell, I really love fruit. Mangoes, blueberries, and now pears and figs.


Pears and figs go wondrously well together, and adding almonds to the equation just amps up the earthiness in these bars. I was originally planning on making them with a buttery shortbread crust, but that jar of almond butter was just calling for me. Best decision I made that day. And because of the switch, these bars are also dairy free!


You’ll love this recipe because it’s so nutty and also has a great earthy flavor from the figs. The crumble topping, the tender crunch of the pear, and the soft figs all just meld together in your mouth.


Blueberry Pie Bars

I can’t believe it’s already August. Summer is going by so fast.


Produce has got to be my favorite thing about summer. I stocked up my fridge full of fresh fruits and vegetables that I normally don’t get a chance to eat. But sometimes, I get too much and scramble to make something to put all that produce in.


Enter these blueberry pie bars. Now, my absolute favorite way to eat fruit is fresh and raw, but you guys. A crumble topping makes EVERYTHING better. Not to mention these bars are gluten free, dairy free, and vegan! I also used low glycemic sweeteners. Suitable for those with and without allergies.


Mango Squares


I almost never have lemons around the house. Is that wrong? Whenever I buy them, all my uses for them seem to fly out the door. Either that or I keep them all and treat them like gold, never actually using any. I’ve considered getting a lemon tree so I don’t have to go out and buy some whenever I need them.
I’ve been wanting to make lemon bars, raspberry lemon bars, or some other riff off of lemon bars for a little while. But I never have enough lemons in the house.  Solution? Make these mango squares! They require only a small squeeze of juice, so they won’t damage my your precious lemon supply.
Plus, what else says summer like mango? Especially with a little coconut sprinkled on top, if you’re feeling like bumping up the tropical factor.


White Chocolate Oreo Brownies

I’ve been craving anything Oreo or cream cheese related lately. Something about the crunch of the cookie and the cool cream just slightly oozing out the sides and melting in my mouth…it’s been a while since I’ve had Oreos, I’m sad to say. I’ve been dreaming about all things Oreo dessert–Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies, Oreo stuffed brownies, Oreo cheesecake, cookies and cream cookies. Does anyone else get that? Where they get a craving and can’t stop thinking about it until you overload on whatever that craving is, and it can last for weeks and weeks…

I bought a huge package of Joe-Joes from Trader Joe’s just so I could make cookies and cream desserts. Yep, I had to buy them at the store because I didn’t have any in my house. And I know, they’re not real Oreos and they do taste a bit different, but it’s Trader Joe’s. Who can resist? Not me.