Small, bite sized pieces of bread that have a cheesiness and a unique chewy texture! These cheese puffs are perfect to serve as an appetizer any time!

  truffle-pao-de-queijo (4)  

Happy day after Easter Sunday! How was your Sunday? Did you go to church? Host an Easter egg hunt? Eat carrot cake? I’d love to know how your day went.

Have you ever had pao de queijo? If you don’t know what they are, pao de queijo are these wonderful Brazilian cheese puffs. You can find them served at Brazilian restaurants. They act as the bread and butter before a meal, but these are much better than your ordinary bread and butter.


Traditionally pao de queijo (pronounced pow deh keezh) are made with a dough that you roll into balls and bake on a sheet pan. However, I found a recipe that uses a liquid batter and bakes inside a mini muffin pan. Both yielded results with not much difference in texture and taste (shapewise it was different), and the liquid batter was much easier to prepare.

truffle-pao-de-queijo (2)

These pao de queijo are laced with truffle flavor. I LOVE anything truffle. It has a unique richness and almost back-of-the-mouth flavor that I can’t resist. Truffle mac n cheese, truffle fries, and now truffle pao de queijo!