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Chewy Cinnamon Caramels

Perfect, chewy caramels that we all know and love with a twist of added cinnamon for spice and warmth.

chewy-cinnamon-caramels (2)   

My mom loves caramels. They’re one of her favorite desserts. I can see why, as they’re chewy, soft, and have a complex flavor of burnt sugar.

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I love classic chewy caramels. I’ve made them several times and wanted to change things up. I was searching for ways to mix up a recipe for caramels, and I stumbled upon one that used cinnamon oil. I loved the idea! The complexity of caramel and the warmth of cinnamon seemed like a perfect combination.


3 Ingredient Pumpkin Spice Truffles

Small bites that encapsulate the essence of autumn!


Okay, I normally don’t make recipes that require premade ingredients such as cake mix, sandwich wafers, or frozen whipped topping. However, once I saw the pumpkin joe joes and pumpkin cream cheese from Trader Joe’s, I knew I had to make a pumpkin spice version of 3 ingredient oreo truffles.


The traditional oreo truffles are made with regular oreos and cream cheese. It’s a simple process; there’s no baking involved. All you need is a blender or food processor to make these 3 ingredient pumpkin spice truffles!