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Banana Walnut Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chewy cookies that taste like banana bread, with walnuts and chocolate in every bite!

   banana-walnut-chocolate-chip-cookies (5) 

I love banana bread. I love chewy cookies. I wanted to combine them into one.


If you’ve seen last week’s post, then I can tell you that the inspiration for these cookies comes from there. One of my favorite flavors from Sugar Mama Desserts is there banana walnut chocolate. It’s a roasted banana ice cream with walnuts and chocolate chips dropped in. It tastes like banana bread in ice cream form, so I wanted to make a banana bread in cookie form.

banana-walnut-chocolate-chip-cookies (2)


Strawberry Lemonade Lofthouse Sugar Cookies {Vegan!}

Soft, puffy cookies with a thick layer of tart strawberry lemonade frosting reminiscent of a classic grocery store cookie. Plus, they’re vegan! suitable for all those dairy and egg allergies in your life.

 vegan-pink-lemonade-lofthouse-cookies (3)   

COOKIES! My vegan and non vegan friends alike enjoyed these. They are soft and cakey with real strawberry and lemon in the frosting. Unlike the actual Lofthouse sugar cookies, these are not tooth-achingly sweet, which means you can eat more.


I used to hate those Lofthouse sugar cookies. They were always way too sweet and had way too much frosting. I would try to just eat the cookie, then make a mess with the frosting I didn’t want.

I don’t know why but years later, I found myself missing those sugary cookies. However, instead of going to buy some, I was inspired to make my own version of them.  

vegan-pink-lemonade-lofthouse-cookies (2)

I knew from the start that I wanted to make them vegan, so that all my friends could enjoy them. However, there were a couple of substitutions I had to make (I’m considering making a vegan baking guide!)


Cookie Butter Crinkle Cookies

Soft, crinkly cookies with powdered sugar and cookie butter. These are melt in your mouth cookies with spiced cookie flavor!

 biscoff-crinkle-cookies (5)   

These cookies are SO soft, SO melt-in-your-mouth, SO perfectly flavored with cookie butter, and SO easy to make, great for any occasion! 

biscoff-crinkle-cookies (4)


You know those chocolate crinkle cookies that are popular around Christmas time? The ones with the beautiful crinkly surface, soft texture, and beautiful coating of powdered sugar? These biscoff crinkle cookies are just like those, only with cookie butter instead of chocolate, and a little bit of cream cheese added to the dough to make them super super soft.


The cookies are just a but crispy on the outside and oh so soft on the inside. And along with the other 15 times I said it, these cookies are SOFT. Normally I like chewy cookies, but these cookies are just so tender in their own way that I can’t help but love them as well. Plus, unlike most cookie butter baked goods I’ve tried, you can actually TASTE the cookie butter in them!


Red Velvet Gooey Butter Cookies

Soft, red velvet cookies with a cream cheese tang that can be none other than a twist on the classic gooey butter cake.


Did you have a good SuperBowl Sunday? Honestly, I’m not much of a sports person, which is why I’m more excited for the next February event. It’s less than a week until Valentine’s Day! I love this little holiday so much because of all the beautiful red hearts, teddy bears, and chocolate associated with it. If you’re looking for a theme appropriate cookie to make, you’ve found it.

 red-velvet-gooey-butter-cookies (3) 

I’ve made and loved gooey butter cake. Using a cake mix for a crust and topping it with cream cheese, it’s impossible not to love. However, I took that cake and twisted it into a red velvet cookie

red-velvet-gooey-butter-cookies (2)


Chocolate Chip Pistachio Mascarpone Cookies

Soft, pillowy cookies with chunks of pistachio and chocolate!


Hi there! Currently, I’m in Taiwan on a vacation with my extended family. It’s a trip I looked forward to all year, and it’s finally come. Hopefully I’ll get a post up about the trip. I hope you had a great Christmas and wish you a happy new year! Anyways, let’s get on with these cookies.

I’ve never used mascarpone cheese up until just days ago. I’ve seen recipes that use it, but I could never find it so I always just used cream cheese in its place. However, I saw a small tub of it at Trader Joe’s and I had to buy it.

chocolate-chip-pistachio-cookies (2)

Mascarpone cheese was different from what I expected. It is very different from cream cheese. Instead of tangy, its flavor is subtly sweet. It is very high in fat, making it very creamy. I wanted to find a way to incorporate them into the classic chocolate chip cookie.


I also wanted to add pistachios, a favorite nut of mine. My childhood memories include my mom’s favorite nut being the pistachio, and buying pistachio ice cream for her because I remembered it was her favorite. My brother also bought a packet of instant pistachio pudding that I prepared and we all enjoyed.


I love the vibrant green color that they lend. Pistachios are a rather soft nut. I love that the edible bits are referred to as “nutmeats”. I think that name is so cute! And they pair with chocolate in the cookie so well, especially if you use dark chocolate chips.


Chai Spiced Shortbread

Classic buttery shortbread with a hint of chai spice. Perfect for the holidays and can even be gifted!

  chai-shortbread (4) 

Surprise! A Wednesday post!

This year, I participated in the annual Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap. It’s sort of like Secret Santa, but with food bloggers. Each person makes cookies to send a dozen each to 3 people, and in turn receives a dozen cookies from 3 different bloggers. I received chocolate dipped orange shortbread from Brenda, piparkakut (a traditional Finnish gingerbread cookie) from Tara, and chocolate peppermint cookies from Megan.


The Cookie Swap isn’t just exchanging cookies, though. It was a fundraiser for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. It was so much fun receiving cookies in the mail and also sending off some goodies to other bloggers!


I already had chai shortbread in mind. Chai is such a winter flavor, and I love cozying up with chai lattes. It’s such a wonderful blend of black tea and other spices. I sent these to Sonja, Sue, and Nicole. Be sure to check out their blogs!


These chai shortbread cookies take little time to prep, a few hours to chill, and only around 10 minutes in the oven. The hands-on work is minimal. They are crunchy, yet somehow still just a little bit soft so it doesn’t break your teeth. The chai flavor is slightly subtle and warming, making these the perfect winter cookies.