When I want something to cool me off and/or relax me, I don’t want ice cream. I want a refreshing drink. Sometimes it’s iced tea, other times a fruit infused water will do the trick. But this time around I wanted some coffee.


People usually drink coffee for one of two reasons: they actually like the coffee or they just want the caffeine. I’m one who just likes the flavor of coffee. Honestly, caffeinated drinks never seemed to affect me much. They never gave me energy or kept me up at night.


I don’t get coffee often but typically I just order something simple, like an Americano or a cappuccino. But guys, COOKIE BUTTER. I’m pretty sure all of you have had it. If not, you must buy yourself a jar now! Trader Joe sells them as Speculoos cookie butter and other places have a Biscoff European biscuit spread. Basically, they took these wonderful spiced biscuits and made them into a spread similar to peanut butter. But this is way better. Peanut butter is freaking amazing, but this stuff is even better.