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Actual Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Instead of bits of cookie dough dropped in vanilla ice cream, I’ve given you actual cookie dough ice cream. It’s just cookie dough that’s been turned into ice cream form!

actual-cookie-dough-ice-cream (4)

I love cookie dough. I love cookie dough ice cream. Who can’t resist taking off chunks of cookie dough while they’re baking cookies? It’s sweet, you can feel the sugar granules, the texture is doughy, and it has a taste you can’t get after the cookie is baked.

 actual-cookie-dough-ice-cream (3)     

I just might like cookie dough more than actual cookies. 

actual-cookie-dough-ice-cream (6)

I was never truly pleased with what people call cookie dough ice cream. It’s just vanilla ice cream with bits of cookie dough dropped in it. I wanted an ACTUAL cookie dough ice cream, one that was basically like eating a frozen creamy form of cookie dough. So, I decided to make my own.

actual-cookie-dough-ice-cream (7)


Bananas Foster Ice Cream

Creamy, sweet ice cream made from blending bananas foster straight into your ice cream base! No heavy cream required, the bananas provide all the creaminess.

bananas-foster-ice-cream (6)

Have you ever had the one ingredient banana “ice cream”? It’s where you freeze bananas and puree them until you get a sort of a soft-serve consistency. It isn’t exactly like ice cream, but the banana flavor turns into a creamy flavor and consistency.

bananas-foster-ice-cream (2)

This ice cream uses that creamy texture of bananas and turns it into another kind of banana ice cream. A little healthier compared to traditional ice cream, plus the fun twist of bananas foster.

bananas-foster-ice-cream (4)

The ice cream is sooooo creamy. You won’t believe there is no heavy cream in there. Plus that caramel and rum flavor from making the bananas foster takes this to the next level and really adds depth.


Seven Layer Bar Ice Cream {no churn!}

A cool, creamy treat with a base that can be prepared in minutes! All you have to do afterwards is place it in the freezer, wait, and enjoy.


Ice cream is the quintessential summer treat, but I haven’t made any this summer yet. Until now, at least. You see, I never really made ice cream because I didn’t have an ice cream machine and I didn’t want to have to stir every thirty minutes, blah blah blah. Plus, the mixture always seemed to freeze up rock solid no matter what.

I received an ice cream machine as a gift last year, but I’ve always been too lazy to pull it out and use it. Solution? Make this no churn ice cream!