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Sugar Mama Dessserts

Sunnyvale Farmer’s Market

crossroads at W Washington Avenue and S Murphy Avenue

Sunnyvale, CA, 94086

Welcome to Sugar Mama Desserts

Sugar Mama Desserts gave me ice cream to make this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

Sugar Mama Desserts is an ice cream stand at the Sunnyvale Farmer’s Market (every Saturday) serving up homestyle ice cream. They are also at the Cambrian Park Farmer’s Market for part of the year. 


Sugar Mama Desserts has over 50 different flavors, but they only bring 4-6 at a time. Each week, there are different flavors. Some are classic, such as fresh strawberry or vanilla bean, while others are more fun and unique, such as saffron rosewater pistachio, roasted banana walnut chocolate chip, or honey lavender blueberry. All her ice creams are egg free and she has dairy free sorbets as well as a warm dairy free tapioca pudding during the winter months.

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Beard Papas

Happy new year! Has 2016 been treating you well so far? I unfortunately got sick right on New Year’s Eve, so I mostly stayed on the couch in a blanket watching television, but I was still able to enjoy a wonderful dinner and some Christmas lights. Anyways, I’m here today to talk about cream puffs, a great way to start the new year.


Beard Papa’s is a chain store that is known for their cream puffs. In the U.S. their stores are mainly in California, and they have other locations throughout Asia as well.


The one I visited was in Cupertino. I had been to one in Milpitas before, but they were only a small stand selling only cream puffs. The Cupertino location was a walk in store that had more to choose from than cream puffs, as well as multiple variations of the products, such as cookie crunch puffs (kind of like a Japanese melonpan or a Chinese pineapple bun).



110 Castro Street,

Mountain View, CA, 94041

We’ve been checking out some restaurants in downtown Mountain View lately. Cascal didn’t disappoint, and this time we decided to go to Xanh.


Xanh is a Vietnamese restaurant on the end of Castro, near the train station. They serve a lunch buffet sort of thing, but we went for dinner on a Friday evening. We went a little early, so the place was only slightly full and not buzzing with people.


The decor is very modern. There’s the whole blue-glass feel but along the walls there are some more traditional style paintings. The food is also a bit more modern than traditional. I’d rather call it Asian Fusion than Vietnamese.



400 Castro Street,

Mountain View, CA, 94041

Along the quaint and lively Castro Street of downtown Mountain View, Cascal is a bustling restaurant serving up “Pan-Latin” cuisine. It includes Spanish, Peruvian, Brazilian, and many more types of food. We went for a special birthday occasion.


We were given the option of either sitting indoors or outdoors, but since it was quite warm we opted to sit inside. The decorations included lots of colorful patterns and several short palm trees.


La Patisserie

19758 Stevens Creek Blvd,

Cupertino, CA, 95014


La Patisserie is a small bakery located in Cupertino. It’s in the corner of a plaza with Marukai, a Japanese grocery store.

My family has gone to La Patisserie several times for their burnt almond cake. Apparently there are two OTHER bakeries in San Jose known for burnt almond cake to the point of a rivalry, but my family has always gotten our burnt almond cakes from La Patisserie.


Even though the burnt almond cake is our traditional birthday cake, I’ve also gotten one of their chocolate cakes in the past. I forgot which one it was, but it was very rich and sweet. I still enjoyed it though.


On this visit I decided to purchase a couple smaller items that I’ve never tried before.