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Vegan Cream Cheese Taste Testing

Today’s post is a little different. Instead of a recipe, I’m going to be testing different brands of vegan cream cheese.

 vegan-cream-cheese-tasting-daiya  vegan-cream-cheese-tasting-go-veggie    vegan-cream-cheese-tasting-kite-hill  vegan-cream-cheese-tasting-tofutti

Cream cheese is amazing. I love it SO much. It can be used for cheesecake, frosting, muffins, anything really. But it can’t be used for vegans. There are some recipes out there for vegan cheesecakes using cashews, but I have to say that they don’t have the true creaminess and tang that I love about cream cheese. I wanted to conduct a taste test to see which brand of vegan cream cheese was the best.


A little disclaimer: I purchased all of these cream cheeses with my own money. All opinions are my own.


I bought loads of vegan cream cheese, and got to work. I’m not vegan, but I called up a friend who is so we could have different perspectives on this. We tried to cream cheese by itself, and on toast. We rated it in terms of look, smell, taste, and texture.


Trader Joe’s December 2015

Once again, I’d like to share what I purchased at Trader Joe’s. I feel that this month’s goods were especially worth sharing.


I love going to Trader Joe’s in December because it reminds me of my first time shopping there. Where I grew up, there was no Trader Joe’s close by. The nearest one was a 30 minute drive that I hardly knew existed. Ever since my first trip, I have fallen in love with their grocery store, products, and whimsical Fearless Flyer.

It sounds ridiculous, but I get genuinely excited whenever I go to Trader Joe’s. Anyway, let’s get started with this month’s products, shall we?



Trader Joe’s Fall 2015


I realize that this post is more than a bit overdue, but I wanted to share my haul of autumn purchases from Trader Joe’s. I love receiving their Fearless Flyer in the mail; I get unreasonably giddy whenever it arrives. The way they advertise their products is so fun and makes me want to buy them even more.


Typically I don’t buy ordinary snacks as I’m constantly making my own food in the kitchen. But just this once I bought quite a bit of premade and prepackaged foods.


This post is all about their seasonal fall products, most of which have pumpkin. I also apologize for the quality of photos before we get into this post. I was just too excited to try all my pumpkin goodies to take out the nicer camera.


Bi-Rite Creamery and Bakeshop

3692 18th St

San Francisco, CA, 94110



Bi-Rite is one of the top ranking ice cream shops out there in San Francisco, located in the Mission District. It’s so popular that they always have a long line out the door. While they are most well known for their ice cream, they also produce a variety of baked goods. Bi-Rite also has a couple supermarkets where they sell produce and selected dairy, along with pints of their famous ice cream.



They also have a little window just a few feet away from their actual shop where they sell soft serve and baked goods. They offer two flavors a day and a swirl. Of course, the line here is never short either.


Pepples Donuts

1 Ferry Building

San Francisco, CA, 94111


Pepples Donuts, formerly known as People’s Donuts, is a doughnuttery based in Oakland that makes vegan and organic cake doughnuts. While they are based in Oakland, they also have a small stand located at the end of Ferry Building in San Francisco, opposite of the end where Gott’s Roadside and Blue Bottle Coffee is. They also sell their doughnuts at a coffee shop in Berkeley.


The stand is there every day, not only when the farmer’s market is there. They have quite the selection of cake doughnuts with a good variety of glazes. I believe they also have a handful of seasonal flavors offered. Their display was small and cute, and the man behind the counter was friendly as well.