Sunnyvale Farmer’s Market

crossroads at W Washington Avenue and S Murphy Avenue

Sunnyvale, CA, 94086

Welcome to Sugar Mama Desserts

Sugar Mama Desserts gave me ice cream to make this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

Sugar Mama Desserts is an ice cream stand at the Sunnyvale Farmer’s Market (every Saturday) serving up homestyle ice cream. They are also at the Cambrian Park Farmer’s Market for part of the year. 


Sugar Mama Desserts has over 50 different flavors, but they only bring 4-6 at a time. Each week, there are different flavors. Some are classic, such as fresh strawberry or vanilla bean, while others are more fun and unique, such as saffron rosewater pistachio, roasted banana walnut chocolate chip, or honey lavender blueberry. All her ice creams are egg free and she has dairy free sorbets as well as a warm dairy free tapioca pudding during the winter months.

sugar-mama-desserts (2)

sugar-mama-desserts (6)

The Saturday I went was quite hot, so it was perfect ice cream weather. Renisa, the “Sugar Mama”, gave me three pints of ice cream, along with an ice pack to keep it cool on the way home. 

sugar-mama-desserts (5)

I enjoyed this sorbet a lot. The most prominent flavor was mango, and there were coconut chunks swirled throughout. The pineapple was less prominent. It was a very refreshing and tropical flavor. Since it’s a sorbet, it took a little longer for it to thaw out so I could eat it, but it was totally worth the short wait. My favorite part were the coconut shreds and pieces of young coconut. The young coconut chunks are icy in the sorbet, but once you let it melt in your mouth it becomes a juicy and fresh addition to the sorbet.

sugar-mama-desserts (4)

Next up was the saffron rosewater pistachio. Renisa told me that she uses real Spanish saffron, which lends to ice cream its bright yellow color. The most prominent flavor was saffron, with a hint of the Lebanese rosewater that Renisa uses. I love pistachios, so I wasn’t disappointed to find them in there. The texture of the ice cream was AMAZING. In my opinion, it is the perfect texture for ice cream. It wasn’t airy. It was dense and creamy, but not so rich that it could be called gelato.

sugar-mama-desserts (8)

The last pint I got was the honey lavender blueberry. The blueberries were mainly there for color and not taste, however, I could still taste just a little bit of blueberry. Blueberry skins and lavender buds were swirled throughout the ice cream. The star of it was lavender. It was floral, but was balanced enough that it didn’t taste like soap. Again, the texture was perfect.


Overall I really enjoyed the ice cream from Sugar Mama Desserts. They are looking for a storefront instead of only being at farmer’s markets, and I can’t wait until that happens. 

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